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Frequently Asked Questions… 
Q: Why does my ground fault circuit interrupter trip when I turn on my new hot tub?
A: The ground fault circuit interrupter may be wired wrong. Be sure that the neutral wire is installed correctly. Some GFCI's require the neutral to be attached directly to the neutral bar where others run through the GFCI itself.
Q: Why does my ground fault interrupter trip when my heater turns on?
A: This would indicate that there is an electrical current leak at the heater element and it should be replaced. This should only be done by qualified personnel.
Q: Why does my hot tub not heat after I turn on the heater?
A: The filter may be dirty: Make sure that the filter is clean to allow proper flow through the heater. If there is not enough flow, the pressure switch will shut the heater off to prevent it from overheating and possibly burning out the heating element.
Q: My pump is running but there is no flow - why?
A: There may be an air lock in the pump: Try running the pump on high speed momentarily, if this does not work, the union fitting at the pump output will have to be opened slightly to allow air to purge. Your hot tub may have separate purge instructions for this. Make sure that there is enough water in the hot tub. It should not be sucking any air through the skimmer.
Q: Why does my hot tub run only for several minutes and then trip the breaker?
A: The wire gauge may be too small or the breaker may be too small: Check that the wiring and the breakers are sized properly and have been tightly connected. Loose connections will also cause a circuit overheat and trip the breaker.
Q: Why is there a temperature fluctuation in my hot tub that has a digital control?
A: The temperature sensor may be located in the wrong place or not insulated properly. It should be located in a sensor well that will provide exposure to the tub temperature and not be influenced by the outdoor ( ambient ) temperature.

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