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Freeze Protect Over-ride (FPO)

Not available on all models

This function is intended to be used on power-up or start-up after a fresh fill. The 6 hour duration of the FPO cycle is counted from the time the unit is powered-up and not from the time of its activation.

By pressing the Pump 1 and Light key simultaneously for 10 seconds, the freeze protect feature will be suspended for 6 hours. (i.e. the FPO will be activated) This is to allow the installer of the spa to check for normal operation if the spa is filled with water that is less than the set freeze protect level (45F or 52F depending on software). FPO will appear every 10 seconds at the topside control. To manually go back to freeze protect mode, power down the system and re-boot.

In LC mode: Pump 1 must be in low speed, Pump 2 / AUX and Blower must be off before heater can be turned on.

For models without Freeze Protect Over-ride

If pressing the Pump 1 and Light key simultaneously for 10 seconds does not produce "FPO" on the display, your spa may not be equipped with this feature or you may not be in Freeze Protection mode.

If this is the case, we recommend introducing hot water to the spa to bring the temperature above the Freeze Protect limit (45F or 52F) and the tub will resume normal operation. You may also choose to wait until the spa temperature increases.

To troubleshoot any issues, please return to the support section.

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