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Water too Cold

Thermostat may be set too low Adjust thermostat
Hi switch may be tripped Press hi limit reset button after water temperature has dropped below 104 F.
Water may not be circulating, thus causing the hi limit switch to trip Open water valves fully to allow proper flow. Make sure filter is cleaned out.
Pressure switch on heater not closing Pressure switch may have to be adjusted by a qualified technician
System will not operate at all Main breaker may be off Turn on breaker
GFCI may be tripped Reset GFCI
Function switches not working Air tube may be pinched, blocked or unplugged Check connection and test  by blowing into tube
Jets surging Water level may be too low Add water to assure that no air is being sucked into skimmer
Pump runs but no water circulation Valves may be closed Open valves to assure circulation
There may be an airlock in the system Open the union on the side of the pump to allow air to escape
Main circuit breaker trips equipment Wiring may be too small Increase wire size to handle amperage
A short circuit may exist in equipment Unplug equipment and plug it back in one part at a time as a process of elimination 
Heater element may have a ground leak Danger - Call service technician

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