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Power up system and " Pur" will appear for 30 seconds while system is in purge mode and then normal operation will assume. The temperature setting will assume the previous value.

It may be necessary to bleed excess air from heater body prevent overheating of heater on start up. See spa operating Instruction for procedure to bleed air.

Press Heat key and Auxiliary ( Pump 2 or Blower ) keys simultaneously and hold to adjust filter cycle from 2 - 12 hrs of each 12 hr period. 

Press Auxiliary ( Pump 2 or Blower ) and light keys simultaneously and hold to  toggle from degrees C or F.

Press Jets One Key to activate Pump One. The system will run for 30 minutes at which time the system will automatically shut off unless done so manually prior to the 30 minute period.

If the spa is in a filter cycle with pump 1 low speed operating, pressing the pump key will activate hi speed and run it for 30 minutes and then it will default back to low speed and finish the filter cycle.

If the spa is in filter cycle and the water has crept up more than two degrees above the set point, the filter cycle will be interrupted until the temperature drops within set point range at which time it will continue to finish the filter cycle.

If the pump key is pressed while the spa is in an idle position due to temperature creepage, pressing the pump key will initiate low speed for a period of 30 minutes and override the auto shut off. 

Pressing the pump key again will operate hi speed for 30 minutes.

Pressing the pump key again will put the system back into filter mode and will stay on if water temperature is at set point or under. It will shut off if the water is 2 degrees above set point.

Pump 1 low speed will run at any time there is a demand for heat.

 Press Light Key to activate light on/off.

Press Heater Key to adjust temperature. Press once and hold will raise temperature. Press a second time and hold will lower the temperature to the minimum set point of 70 F or 21C. A red LED will flash at the topside control while there is a call for heat. There is an optional separate Heat Up and Heat Down configuration. 

If using a constant flow circ pump, Pump 1 will operate on low speed or hi speed for a 30 minute run cycle. Two speed pumps are optional for Pump 1 when using a constant flow circ pump.

Press Auxiliary Key to activate Blower or Pump 2 on/off. This system does not have both Blower and Pump 2, it has one or the other as a auxiliary option.

Press Heat Key and Pump 1 Key simultaneously to activate panel LOC and the same do de-activate. 

If the tub temperature creeps more than 2 degrees F above the set point, pump 1 low speed filtration will stop. The balance of the filter cycle will resume when the temperature drops down to the set point.

If the tub temperature reaches 112 F the control will flash " OH "with the temperature, and shut the system down until the temperature drops below 112F. If the heater body temperature reaches 112 F, the control will flash " hot " and the system will shut down. When it drops below 112 F it will automatically turn back on. There is a third level of protection via a two pole relay that will trip at 118 F. If this trips, the readout at the topside control will read "HL" ( HIGH LIMIT )and the tub must cool to less than 112F. This hi limit trip can be manually reset by pressing the heat key of the control pad. If this trips repeatedly, call your dealer for service.




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