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The latest technology and design has allowed CTI to produce a more reliable safer spa pak than any other on the market today. From fiber optic keypads to unique switching capabilities, we are always enhancing our designs to meet or exceed our customers expectations. We can design a custom pak and control that fits your unique spa line. (MORE INFO)

DSC Touch-Tech 
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120V / 240V
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OEM or Field Replacement
Digital Signetic 
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Mini Max Digital 
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Mini Max Plug N Play 
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Automatic time outs for all functions
High limit protection at water and heater 112F auto reset, 118 manual
Ozone ready
Freeze protection - via dual sensors
Freeze protection override
Sensor failure detection at water and heater
Solid state accuracy +- 1 degree F
High current ( HC ) or Low current ( LC ) service choice
Bright digital "Water Friendly" LED display
Temperature adjustment from 70F - 104F
Diagnostic messages on control
Topside control high limit reset
Topside control programming & I.D
PCB is easy access
Field programmable or removable chip
Pressure switch has easy service location within the pak
Pressure switch error detection - "FLO" or "FLC" or other as required
1/2" or 3/8" "In- Spa" sensor mount option
Optional "Circ & Sense" option
Primary pump setting for single or dual speed from topside control
Color coded J&J Mini receptacles
Spa light cord 12V with auto time out
Adjustable purge setting for every 6 or 12 hours from topside control
Control "LOC" from topside
120V 937W or 240V 5.5KW power
1.5" or 2" Plumbing
GFCI cord connect on 120V units
Sturdy "Water Friendly" topside
Off board industry standard transformer for easy replacement
3 Year limited warranty

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